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Lepton flavor violation (LFV) is forbidden in the standard model (SM), given massless neutrinos.  However, this arises from an accidental symmetry of the SM.  Hence, extensions beyond the SM, generically predict LFV.

SuperLFV is a numerical tool that accepts an SLHA spectrum file as input and calculates LFV observables.  The input file may be created by an existing SLHA spectrum generator, by personal code, or by hand.  The current version of SuperLFV supports the MSSM model, as a low energy effective theory.


The SuperLFV distribution file may be downloaded here.  Please see the included README.txt file or the documentation for installation and usage.


If SuperLFV is used for a publication, please cite:

B. Murakami, Comput. Phys. Commun. (submitted), arXiv:1302.4469.


Feb 1, 2013:  v1.0.0 released


Questions and trouble shooting may be directed to bmurakami at

A numerical tool to calculate lepton flavor violating

observables in the context of the MSSM

Author:  Brandon Murakami